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The Pros and Cons of Annuities

Learn the truth about annuities and
separate hype from fact
Fixed vs variable annuities—the pros and cons
The index annuity—pros and cons of a rate tied to the stock market
Annuities vs other investment alternatives for retirement money
How to select right annuity investment for your age
How an annuity can help reduce, or even eliminate, your social security tax
Retire with an income you cannot outlive with a life annuity
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Annuity Pros & Cons:

The Pros and Cons of annuities

Pros of annuities:
Cons of annuities:
 • Fixed Life Time Income
 • Tax Deferred Feature
 • Low Investment Premium
 • Inflation Protection
 • Principal Protection
 • Inflexible Annuity Plans
 • Lower Returns on Your Investment Premium
 • Not All Annuities Are Created Equal

These are the basic pros & cons of most of the annuity plans, so it is important to understand the various features and terms that are applied to annuity before buying them. All annuities have pros & cons with its features. Buying annuity offer some considerable benefits over other kinds of investments, specially for those investors not able to risk losing their retirement savings.

The advantages of annuity cover its disadvantages by protecting your retirement payments & assets with surety. The above defined pros & cons help you evaluate annuities easily with respect to a set amount of money and then get a monthly payment for the rest of your life to make a secure future.